Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sky Tower Auckland

The Sky Tower is one of the best tourist attractions in Auckland.  This tower comprises of a luxury casino, a stylish cafĂ©, bars, restaurants and a special revolving restaurant that is situated at the top of the tower.  At the top you’ll also find thick glass segments of flooring that provides you with a clear view the ground below.  

Sky Tower Auckland View from Viaduct
By the Viaduct Auckland

If you love bungee jumping you can visit the Sky Tower as bungee jumping is also allowed from the observation deck with a guided controlled cable.  I actually have never tried bungee jumping at the sky tower but I am contemplating an attempt one day…perhaps if I’m drunk.  I love the view of the Sky Tower in Auckland as it reminds me of the Eiffel Tower especially at night time when all the colorful lights are turned on.  I should definitely go back and visit the sky tower again as the last time I went to the top of the tower was in 2004.

Sky Tower Auckland View from Viaduct
By the Viaduct Auckland
Taking photos and seeing the sky tower from the outside looks lovely as you can clearly see the exterior designs.   However if you see the sky tower just outside the ground entrance it seems utterly long. 
There’s no doubt you should not miss the sky tower if you plan on visiting Auckland some day.

Sky Tower Auckland
By the Viaduct Auckland

Sky Tower Auckland View from Ponsonby
Ponsonby Auckland

Sky Tower Auckland

Sky Tower Auckland


Krimly said...

Thanks for all your comments dear!
You are so nice! I wish to go to NZ one day! It's one of the places I want to go for sure!!


Marjolyn Lago (Marj):Design Fashion Travel Destinations said...

Hi Krimly, your welcome:) Thanks for all your comments too and for visiting my blog :) xoxo See you soon!

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