Monday, 14 November 2011

The Benefits Of Traveling The World

There are numerous advantages and benefits that come from exploring and traveling the world. My perspective on traveling is that it enhances my life, educates me and empowers me! Traveling enables me to gain confidence and knowledge that is beyond my reach (and no looking at a video, webpage or magazine does not have the same effect – presence and immersion matters). Before traveling, I do tend to have doubts about the places or people that I am going to encounter in a strange city or the open road. However I do believe that once you gain exposure and become accustomed to new places and cultures, you will realize that all human beings are all the same regardless of the skin colour or background (with a few exceptions along the way!). The more I travel, the more open minded I become as my perceptions change with the new surroundings.

Traveling has provided me with remarkable opportunities to learn different cultures, learn new languages, taste different foods, experience fun adventures and meet various people from different walks of life. It’s also enabled me to identify with and meet people globally that have similar interests as me as well as the differences from me. I might be fearful when I first land in the strange city, however the only way to have a successful journey and an unforgettable travel experience is to overcome my fears. To overcome these fears, I have to believe in myself and I have to believe that every day is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I really do believe that traveling opens new chapter of our lives. Whenever I choose to travel to a new destination, I learn to appreciate and embrace a new chapter that I am about to indulge in a new city and learn about a new lifestyle that I’m going to experience with new people. If you cannot appreciate and learn how people live in their everyday life then you surely cannot embrace the essence of traveling the world. 

Moreover, travels enabled me to discover various things that are distinctive and traditional to a country. This includes native people, clothing, souvenirs and traditional costumes. I explore and try to see as much as possible! I think the primary advantage of travel is the real growth of my personality and knowledge. I’ve not only learned and appreciated more of other cultures but I have also identified various places in new countries that I would love to live and work in.

To conclude, traveling certainly allows access to many opportunities that are in front of me - in other words it opens doors to attain a significantly broader outlook as to how I see the world. I consider all diversities of travel in order to take advantage and experience the many possibilities whilst traveling the world!

I believe the essence of traveling is:

See the sights,
Explore the landscape,
Meet the people,
Speak the language,
Experience the history,
Taste the food,
…and Love the Journey!

What are your thoughts? :)


Lisa said...

I agree with everything you wrote in this post. As we travel the world we get to see different sights and smell different things and most of all learn different cultures. I think every should travel once a year.

Titine and totoche said...

HI! I just discovered your blog, and since I also looove to travel, I was totally interested! It's such a nice blog, and you've visited many places! Plus I really like what you've written, I agree with what you say, it's amazing to experience different customs and food and music! It's so enriching...

Marjolyn Lago (Marj):Design Fashion Travel Destinations said...

Hi Titine, Totoche and Lisa,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!! It is important to explore and experience different cultures while we travel and traveling is certainly an essential part of my life :)

leeshnna antony said...

This link may helps you to know about the advantages of traveling

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