Monday, 7 November 2011

Gracia Barcelona Cafes

Gracia Barcelona Cafe CafesWhile touring around Gracia in Barcelona, I found some reasonable priced cafes to relax and have some coffees during day time (or drink some wine or beer at night time).  

Cafe del Teatre 

This cafe is located in the intersection of Carrer de la Perla and Carrer de Torrijos.  Majority of customers in this cafe are the friendly young crowd.  This would be a good place to lounge prior to going out with friends.  It is cozy and it definitely has soothing music to go with it in the background while you enjoy your drinks.  It’s simple and an affordable cafe.

Cafe del Sol

This cafe is located at the bohemian Placa del Sol.  It is a lively cafe crowded with young locals, expats and tourists and flourished so well in the attractive Gracia neighborhood.  Occasionally it has a DJ playing soothing tracks.  Drinks and tapas are quite affordable which naturally goes well with the beautiful Spanish atmosphere.  


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