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Holiday in Venice, Italy

Holiday in Venice ItalyAh...Venice, known as very romantic and an ideal destination for lovers.  I definitely think that it comes second after Paris being the most romantic city you will ever visit:)  There seems to be an everlasting amount of streets considering that vehicles or bicycles are not permitted on most of the streets and bridges in Venice.  In the old days Venice was known as the city of lovers and assassins. It seems like the streets and alleyways were deliberately
 designed for lovers (and thieves) to escape into. Add to this, bridges and waterways and you will quickly see how Venice conjures up images of passion and mystery in one’s mind.
As such the best methods of transportation are either by gondola/boats or on foot. Venice is a very popular destination and, like any other city in the world, you can easily get lost.  However being lost in a new country can be quite stimulating as you imagine yourself arriving unexpectedly at one of the best tourist attractions such as Saint Mark’s Basilica or simply taking time to enjoy the breathtaking view of the waters at any of the abundant small bridges.

Tour the bridges in Venice

Venice City is overflowing with astounding architectures, precious paintings, and abundant historical sites and alluring bridges. You cannot miss touring the bridges as you can easily imagine yourself back in time during the days of old.  The Torcello island has a fascinating bridge and it’s called the ‘devil’s bridge’.  If you plan to visit this island by using vaporetto, you have to travel to Burano first then take another vaporetto to Torcello.  

Remember, there is often more to just stumbling upon each bridge in Venice.  You can definitely feel the cool air, smell the freshly baked Italian bread, and hear the Italian music in the restaurants and the streets.  Listen to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as you walk along little alley ways, small bridges and any of the off beaten paths of tourists.  In short... soak up the ambiance, preferably with a loved one in hand. 

Holiday in Venice Italy

The romantic Gondola ride!

If you are in Venice there is no doubt that you would not want to miss a Gondola ride, even if fare can sometimes be quite expensive.   A gondola ride is also a great way to experience the romanticism and scenery while being toured in the canal enjoying the exquisite views of the historic buildings.  Some gondoliers will be able to sing for you whilst you are sightseeing (for a price!). Hearing the gondoliers greet everyone on the side streets or hearing the peaceful sound of water swishing the sides of the gondola will truthfully make you feel the essence of Venice.

After Paris, this is truly a spectacular city to visit and a must see. Let’s not forget the rich history, great food (Italian food!), culture and style that Venice is also well known for.   

A word of warning though – Venice is busiest during the summer months and swamped with tourists. It can become quite crowded and in the peak of the hot season it’s not uncommon for the smells of the sewers and canals to become quite unbearable to those that are not accustomed to it (well it is a city on water after all!).  

Beautiful Cheap Holiday in Venice Italy

Cheap Holiday in Venice Italy

Enjoy Venice :)


Alecia said...

This is a lovely post Marj and thank you for sharing. For a moment there it felt like I was in Venice already while reading this. Can't wait for your next post!

Marjolyn Lago (Marj):Design Fashion Travel Destinations said...

Hi Alecia,

Thank you for your lovely comment. When are you going to Venice this time? ;)

airport hotel Venice said...

Just remember to avoid very touristy places in case you don't intend to break the bank.

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