Tuesday, 8 November 2011

London Eye

London Eye in South Bank of London City UKI arrived at the London Eye after walking through Queens Walk of Southbank, London.  It’s true what they say about this being the tallest ferries wheel, which offers fascinating views over the whole of London.  The wheel is situated by the western section of Jubilee Gardens along the Southbank River Thames.  It is between the Westminster Bridge and the Hungerford Bridge, so you surely cannot miss it.
I could not be bothered waiting in the long queue just to get to the top of the London Eye.  It was raining heavily, the queue was tremendously long and there was no shade at all.  Most tourists waiting in line were soaked in the rain.  I’m not sure how much it costs exactly to get inside but all I know is that this is the most popular paid tourist attraction in London.  If you really want to get to the top it might be a good idea to arrive early in the morning to miss out the long queue.  

Moreover, there are plenty of food stores around the area of the London Eye so you do not have to worry if you ever get hungry after having a nice view at the top.    Afterwards, you can also walk along the Westminster Bridge to head towards the Big Ben or you can walk through the The Queens Park by the river Thames.  There are lots of things to do around the area and it will probably take you almost a day to tour around the Southbank of London.

London Eye in South Bank of London City UK

London Eye in South Bank of London City England

London Eye the tourist attraction in South Bank of London City UK

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Bob said...

I enjoyed London for a few days but after that I got sick of it because of the weather. Anywhere you go you always get wet.

Susan Miller said...

Hi Bob, I did not enjoy London either. It's too wet and cloudy for me. As much as I enjoy living in a big city I would rather choose to live in Barcelona, Milan, Madrid or Paris. At least some cities in Europe is hotter and it has more sunlight in summer unlike London.

clayts said...
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Marjolyn Lago (Marj):Design Fashion Travel Destinations said...

Hi Chris, Susan & Bob,

An interesting conversation here!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about London and the London Eye :) I would only stay in London for a few days too - only for shopping :) Next time I visit London, I'll definitely do London eye.

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