Friday, 26 August 2011

Where to stay in La Rambla. Barcelona – Cheap Hotel Lloret Ramblas

Cheap hotel in La Rambla called Hotel Lloret Ramblas
My room at Hotel Lloret Ramblas
I have received numerous requests for tip regarding a cheap hotel in La Ramba from various subscribers of this blog.  Finally, I managed to post a review of Hotel Lloret Ramblas where I stayed during my holiday.

Hotel Lloret Ramblas is the cheapest hotel along La Rambla as it has easy access to everything you need.  It’s situated right outside the Plaza Catalunya Square and the busiest quarter of Barcelona.  Hotel Lloret Ramblas is also within walking distance of many tourists’ attractions and well known quarters of Barcelona such as the Barri Gothic, Paseig de Gracia, La Pedrera (Casa Mila), the port, the beach, shopping mall, various restaurants and shops.  There are metros on both sides of La Rambla which is not very far from the Hotel Lloret Ramblas.  

Monday, 22 August 2011

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

The best thing about La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

In La Rambla which is also known as Las Ramblas you can really feel the energy coming from the diversity of people there.  This is a wonderful quarter of Barcelona, which consists of a famous market (La Boqueria) that is worth purchasing some food and fruits at.  There are many street performers out on the street craving your attention and wanting your money. There is also a vast majority of tapas restaurants that is easily accessible as mentioned on my previous post about Las Ramblas.  I have to admit that most tapas restaurants along La Rambla are very pricey due to the amount of tourists strolling around La Rambla.  It’s cheaper to have your meal just away from the La Rambla perhaps around little side streets you’ll find some good reasonable price for Tapas restaurants.

It’s easy to get distracted in La Rambla while walking through the crowded street as the performers are absolutely eye catching.  The bars, ice cream shops and restaurants are within easy access if you are staying in La Rambla.  You can also sit down in the middle of the foot path where chairs and tables are available for customers to have a beer and watch people walk pass.  I also mentioned on my previous blog post that in La Ramba there are plenty of hotels available however they tend to be overpriced due to its location.  In La Rambla you can also find many creative works designed by locals. Most of their costumes are generally appropriate to weather.  

Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain

Friday, 19 August 2011

What to wear in Paris City for summer

Travel Experience What to wear in Paris City for summer timeThe weather in Paris City during summer time can be extremely hot.  If you are visiting Paris in summer time make sure that you bring your summer outfits and light cardigans or blazers and or light jackets for men and women.  For sunny weather in Paris it’s good to wear a summer dress for daytime and as well as night time.  You can also wear summer tops with light pants as it makes you feel better and fashionable at the same time.  The French men usually wear a nice summer shirt with light pants and jeans.  Paris weather can get sticky especially if you
sweat a lot around your body, while doing a lot of walking and touring so it’s important that you wear light clothes to allow your skin to breathe.  If you want to blend in with the French locals by wearing your summer outfits make sure that you don’t wear dresses that are too revealing such as miniskirts and mini shorts with running shoes while walking around the street and visiting museums.  

The reason behind this is that most French people are fashionable but yet simple and elegant in dressing.  In summer time most French women usually wear black, white or cream summer dresses that are up to their knees or just above & below their knees.  If you can afford to buy some branded clothing and other summer outfits why not wear it in Paris while on your holiday for summer?  You’ll find that many French women and men wear branded clothing in summer time and as well as winter time.  

Footwear in Paris for summer is usually an open sandal with a strap for women and as well as for men.  Sometimes they wear closed footwear if they are wearing pants.  In Paris for summer you can also see a lot of women (mostly locals) wearing high heels during day and night.  They seem to be accustomed to wearing high heels while walking around Paris on cobblestone streets as I’ve seen a lot of them everywhere.  They are experts when it comes to walking with their high heels and navigating the mountain like cobblestone streets.  

Here are my tips for blending in with the locals while on your holiday:

1)      Before you depart from your country it’s important that you do some research about fashion trends for summer in Paris.  Remember every year the summer fashion trends change (actually Paris is so fashionable it changes almost daily!). 

2)      You don’t necessarily have to follow their fashion style for summer, however try your best to mix and match so that your look is similar to French fashion.

3)      Try to wear a comfortable fashion outfit that allows you to move freely (or to run when you have to).

4)      Make sure that you don’t wear your sneakers with your beautiful summer outfits as it screams ‘I’M A TOURIST’ so try to look for summer footwear or sandals that are comfortable to wear for walking while on holiday. 

5)      Do not wear shorts and t-shirts with sneakers while walking on tour in Paris as you will easily be identified as tourist and that you will easily get robbed or pick pocketed. 

6)      If you are curious to find out the dress code for particular restaurants or bars that you like, try to walk pass some restaurants or bars a day before and observe how locals dress at lunch and dinner time while enjoying their meal with their wine.      If you are carrying your DSLR camera make sure that you purchase a comfortable and fashionable bag for your big DSLR camera that can fit all your batteries and lenses as well.  You would not want everyone to know that you are a tourist carrying a typical camera bag as this will be one of the reasons for getting mugged.  This applies to male and female.

8)      For men and women, carry a nice leather bag or just a simple bag that looks like leather as it does not make you look like you are a tourist. Just don’t overdo it with the accessories as this could make you out to be a rich local (something else you want to avoid for obvious reasons).

Overall, just be yourself and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable as long as you don’t dress like a typical tourist – complete with sneakers, short, t-shirt and a fanny pack/travel bag. 

Click here for more tips on What to Wear in Paris in Summer.

what to wear in paris for summer, fashion in paris for summer

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Paris Views – top roof terrace at Printemp, Le Deli-Cieux

a good view of the Arc de Tiomphe, Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, The Pantheon, nearby hill of Montmarte and many famous Parisian monuments from the roof terrace at PrintempA view of Paris can be seen from many angles and from different arrondisements.  In today’s blog post I will show you a beautiful view of Paris. 

Le Deli-Cieux Restaurant 
Images below were taken from Le Deli-Cieux Restaurant, which is the top roof terrace at Printemp Department Store in Paris.  

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Barri Gotic Barcelona Spain

Travel Photos Marj Lago indulging the beauty of Barrio Gotico Barcelona SpainI love Barri Gotic, the heart of the historical City of Barcelona, Spain......

What I personally think about this stunning historical quarter of Barcelona!!!

The Barrio Gotico is a medieval city in Barcelona with Roman influences. This quarter is situated in the Ciutat Vella, which means “Old City” in Catalan. This quarter is very close to the boulevards called Las Ramblas (both locales are pretty much a walking distance from each other). This historic place offers much character and charm to tourists and locals. There are many beautiful and luxurious apartments and hotels here, which offer a stimulating mix of the traditional lifestyle. I stayed in La Rambla, which is not very far from Barri Gotico, so I started my tour along La Rambla then I headed towards Barri Gotico to experience the ambiance and see the Cathedral and the museums.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy - Fulfilling Experience

The Colosseum of Imperial Rome is an iconic place. It’s no doubt that the Colosseum is one of Rome’s most popular tourist attractions. I finally fulfilled my long time dream to see the Colosseum after first seeing this beautiful hallmark of the ancient empire in various movies. If you’ve been waiting to hear some personal experience and unique insight about the Colosseum in Rome then this blog is the right place!

What I think of the Colosseum!

Seeing the exterior and the interior view of the Colosseum for the first time really takes you back in time. The Colosseum is the best attraction to the busy metropolis that is modern Rome and is worth visiting (even if you don’t know much of the history).

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